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Our GOAL at Scottie's Firehouse is to provide effective educational and entertaining information for the public to learn about the importance of home fire safety.

As a visitor or member of Scottie's Firehouse, we value your thoughts, opinions, ideas or suggestions regarding our website and would appreciate hearing from you. 

Are there ideas your children have that they would like to see us add to the site? Their thoughts are important to us. This website has been designed to get children and their parents involved with creating a life saving Fire Escape Plan of their homes.

It is our GOAL to reduce Fire Deaths and Injuries here in the United States. The most effective way for this to happen is by educating the public that fires are a serious problem. By having an effective Escape Plan, people can survive the dangers of fire.

Please take a moment to send us your thoughts, ideas or questions. Simply fill out the FORM to the right. We look forward to hearing from YOU soon!

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